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Cultural Resource Services

Since 1999 ACR has surveyed over 150,000 acres in the western United States. We provide quality archaeological resource products and services to a wide range of federal, state and private agencies, and clients. We are dedicated to completing a wide range of cultural resource projects efficiently and at reasonable rates.

ACR Consultants - UXO Archaeology

"In my opinion, this report is an excellent piece of work that clearly represents an awful lot of effort in compiling and assembly.  The writing is to the point, and things are adequately described and illustrated.  Your approach to dealing with the massive amount of material was an excellent way to integrate the new information.  I know we worked that out between the two of us, but your implementation was spot on. "

- BLM archaeologist 

ACR is excited to be the first company in the nation to provide archaeologists who are also UXO Tech 1 certified. more.